OK  let's start this process.  Access the following images CLICK HERE.  

• Select the best 4 images from each folder.  The categories are:
• Halloween  (name the files halloween1,2,3,4)
• Spirit colors (name the files colors1,2,3,4)
• Spirit fancy (name the files fancy1,2,3,4)
• Spirit twins (name the files twins1,2,3,4)

Put them in a folder called SJHS Archives and share it with chalkboardv@gmail.com as last-first-sjhs-archives for a grade.

More to come.

Go on Yearbookavenue. Make a spread (That's two pages side by side) Arrange random pics from the folder Find That Student.  Give the spread a title.  You will make this page as a practice page.  Send me the screenshot to get credit. share as last-first-candids spread.

Reminder:  A screenshot is Shift,Command,4